Welcome to Intercrus

Redefining Urban Travel

About Intercrus

Intercrus is a forward-thinking eVTOL manufacturing startup, set to redefine the way people move in urban environments. Our cutting-edge electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircrafts are designed to offer safe, efficient, and eco-friendly urban air mobility solutions

Our Product

Intercrus Sola

Efficient Vertical Takeoff and Landing

The Sola takes off and lands vertically, making it ideal for congested urban areas where space is limited

Zero Emissions

Powered by advanced electric propulsion, the Sola produces zero emissions, contributing to a cleaner environment

Safety and Reliability

We prioritize safety in every aspect of Sola’s design, ensuring peace of mind for passengers and operators.

Intercrus Sola is currently in development, and we’re excited to unveil the Sola designed specifically for urban transportation needs. Stay tuned for updates on our revolutionary eVTOL aircrafts.

Intercrus Team

Our dedicated team of engineers, designers, and visionaries is committed to making urban air mobility a reality. Get to know the individuals who are driving Intercrus's innovation and success

Meet Our Founder

Jeremy is the visionary founder of Intercrus. With a mechanical engineering degree from Georgia Tech, Jeremy has excelled across diverse projects, driven by a profound passion for solving complex challenges. His achievements range from leading NASA’s USLI initiatives at Georgia Tech to pioneering a smart bike locking system. As a former lead design engineer at Quanta Services in the telecom industry, he honed his skills in tackling intricate problems. Now, at Intercrus, Jeremy’s unwavering commitment to addressing urban traffic congestion through cutting-edge eVTOL aircraft is shaping the future of transportation.